Torn from Black Space
Name Torn from Black Space
Artist Death Cube K
Type Album
Released TBA
Genre(s) Experimental, Dark Ambient, Ambient
Death Cube K album chronology
Torn from Black Space

Torn from Black Space is Buckethead's sixth album under the name Death Cube K (an anagram for Buckethead).

From a new interview with Submerged:

"Torn from Black Space" by Death Cube K: "I always liked the project Bill (Laswell) and Buckethead and his band did called Death Cube K, which is an anagram of Buckethead. I told Bill when I was younger I used to listen to a Death Cube K album called 'Dreamatorium' as I was going to sleep and it would give me the most beautiful nightmares. The last record they did was maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Bill remembers when you tell him things and I wound up on the new Death Cube K record doing strange turntable manipulations, like slowing them down with my hands, using effects and just creating ambience. It sounds like this vivid nightmare, staring into the void sort of thing, but it's sparse, not heavy, a lot of air and space. We were inspired by a lot of Sun O))), four guys playing guitar riffs at about 5 beats per minute, and some of the new drift or drone projects happening."


DCK is commonly mislabeled as Torn from Black Space.

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