The Shores of Molokai

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The Shores of Molokai
The Shores of Molokai
Name The Shores of Molokai
Artist Buckethead
Type Studio album
Released August 9, 2012
Length 0:31:34
Producer(s) Dan Monti, Albert
Buckethead album chronology
Balloon Cement
The Shores of Molokai

The Shores of Molokai is the thirty-seventh studio album by solo artist Buckethead. It is also the seventh instalment in the Buckethead Pike series.

# Title Length
1. "Intro"   00:48
2. "The Shores of Molokai"   04:18
3. "The 5 Masters of Decapitation"   03:57
4. "Henry’s New Home"   02:15
5. "Counter Clockwise"   02:22
6. "Stumps on Stilts"   02:57
7. "Mannequins Are My Friend"   02:12
8. "Smile Without a Face"   02:54
9. "Hatchet"   04:45
10. "Thermal Exhaust Port"   02:35
11. "Melting Man"   02:31

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