The Opening Of Doors
Opening Of Doors
Name The Opening Of Doors
Artist William Ackerman
Type Album
Released 1992
Genre(s) New Age
Label(s) Windham Hill Records
William Ackerman album chronology
none The Opening Of Doors

The Opening Of Doors is an album by guitarist William Ackerman released in 1992. It features Buckethead on electric guitar.

Track listing Edit

  1. The Opening Of Doors
  2. The 1000 Mile Stare
  3. Bahia, Nebraska
  4. A Happy Home In Kathmandu
  5. Murray's Song
  6. A Movie Of A Placid Lake On A Moonless Night In September
  7. Last Dance
  8. Santos And The Well-Traveled Bear
  9. Silver Gate
  10. The Inexorable Drift Of Tectonic Plates
  11. A Movie Of A Placid Lake On A Moonless Night In September (Reprise)

Credits Edit

  • William Ackerman (guitar)
  • Paul McCandless (English horn, oboe)
  • Michael Manring (fretless bass)
  • Buckethead (electric guitar)
  • Philip Aaberg (piano)
  • Tim Story (keyboards)
  • Michael Spiro (percussion)

References Edit

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