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The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Name The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Artist Buckethead
Type Album
Released February 17, 2006
Genre(s) Experimental rock
Length 47:19
Label(s) Bucketheadland
Producer(s) Dan Monti and Albert
Professional reviews
*All Music Guide link
  • Wilson & Alroy 3.5 stars link
Buckethead album chronology
Inbred Mountain
The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Crime Slunk Scene

The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock is Buckethead's 3rd (out of 4) tour only CDs, and his 17th full length album. The record is now available for sale on

Track listingEdit

  1. "Thai Fighter Swarm" – 2:32
  2. "Final Wars" – 4:08
  3. "Baseball Furies" – 2:38
  4. "Elephant Man's Alarm Clock" – 3:21
  5. "Lurker at the Threshold (Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft) Part 1" – 3:51
  6. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 2" – 2:05
  7. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 3" – 2:12
  8. "Lurker at the Threshold Part 4" – 1:30
  9. "Oakridge Cake (Tribute to Kool Keith)" – 3:28
  10. "Gigan" – 2:29
  11. "Droid Assembly" – 3:14
  12. "Bird with a Hole in the Stomach" – 4:47
  13. "Fizzy Lipton Drinks" – 10:58


  • Track 3, "Baseball Furies", is most likely a reference to the film The Warriors.
  • Track 13, "Fizzy Lipton Drinks", contains an unnamed hidden track.
  • This is the last Buckethead record to date to widely utilize drop-tuned guitars


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