Background information
Birth name Michael Hakopian
Also known as Pinch Pinchy, Karl, RAJI I Am The King, Buns Of Steel, Pincher
Genre(s) experimental rock, heavy metal
Occupation(s) drummer
Instrument(s) drums
Years active 1989 - present


Michael Hakopian, better known as Pinchface is the drummer of the Deli Creeps, Giant Robot II, and the Cornbugs. He has also appeared on numerous Buckethead albums, such as Population Override and Giant Robot (Tracks; "I Come In Peace" and "Star Wars"), he has also appeared on numerous occasions on Buckethead's Binge Clip Videos.


With the Deli CreepsEdit

With BucketheadEdit

With GorgoneEdit

With Cobra StrikeEdit

With CornbugsEdit


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