Needle in a Slunk Stack
Needle 100
Name Needle in a Slunk Stack
Artist Buckethead
Released Sep 24, 2009
Genre(s) Experimental rock, Avant-Garde Rock
Length 40:41
Label(s) Hatboxghost Music
Producer(s) Dan "Brewer" Monti & Albert
Buckethead chronology
Forensic Follies
Needle in a Slunk Stack
Shadows Between the Sky

Needle in a Slunk Stack is Buckethead's 28th and current solo album, released on Sep 24 2009. The Album title is a play on the saying: "Needle in a Haystack".

Tracklist Edit

# Title Length
1. "Needle in a Slunk Stack"    
2. "Interview with the Double Man"    
3. "Carcass Cable Eye"    
4. "Next Stop the Shell"    
5. "Distilled Scalp"    
6. "Furnace"    
7. "Mego Frankenstein"    
8. "Alpha Sea"    
9. "Wormwood's Workshop Part 1"    
10. "Pythagoras Sled"    
11. "Slunk Smuggler"    
12. "Wormwood's Workshop Part 2"    
13. "Astral Traveller"    


  • Buckethead - Guitar
  • Produced by Dan Monti and Albert

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