Name Kaleidoscalp
Artist Buckethead
Type Album
Released November 22, 2005
Genre(s) Heavy metal, experimental rock
Length 53:36
Label(s) Tzadik
Producer(s) Dan Monti and Albert
Professional reviews
*All Music Guide 3.5 stars link
  • Wilson & Alroy 1.5 stars link
Buckethead album chronology
Enter the Chicken
Inbred Mountain

Kaleidoscalp is the 15th full length album by Buckethead. Quite a few of the songs on the album uses instruments that have been circuit bent to create sounds quite unlike anything previously heard on Buckethead albums.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Frankenseuss Laboratories" – 4:33
  2. "Stun Pike and the Jack in the Box Head" – 4:12
  3. "Music Box Innards" – 3:46
  4. "Breakfast Cyborg" – 4:22
  5. "The Bronze Bat" – 0:38
  6. "The Last Ride of the Bozomobile" – 2:03
  7. "Rack Maintenance" – 4:35
  8. "The Sticker on Hallucinogens" – 1:41
  9. "Pylon Shift" – 4:32
  10. "Citadel" – 3:29
  11. "The Slunk, the Gutter and the Candlestick Maker" – 4:18
  12. "The Android of Notre Dame" – 3:39
  13. "She Sells Sea Shells by the Slaughterhouse" – 11:43


  • Track 13, "She Sells Sea Shells by the Slaughterhouse", contains an unnamed hidden track.
  • Track 12, "The Android of Notre Dame" is a tribute song to Dimebag Darrell.


Thank yous: Zorn, Bill Laswell, Frankenseuss, Dell Rey Brewer, Jodorskys Holy Mountain, Family, Friends, Slunks and Chickens.

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