Inbred Mountain
Inbred Mountain
Name Inbred Mountain
Artist Buckethead
Type Album
Released December 2, 2005
Genre(s) Heavy Metal, experimental Rock
Length 43:24
Label(s) TDRS
Professional reviews
*All Music Guide link
  • Wilson & Alroy 3.5 stars link
Buckethead album chronology
Inbred Mountain
The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock

Inbred Mountain is Buckethead's 2nd (out of 4) tour only CDs, as well as his 16th full length album. Previously only sold on tour, the album is now widely available.

Track listingEdit

  1. "In Search of Inbred Mountain" – 3:26
  2. "Johnny Be Slunk" – 8:42
  3. "Lotus Island" – 6:33
  4. "Flock of Slunks" – 4:30
  5. "Advance to the Summit" – 6:03
  6. "Plastination Station" – 5:47
  7. "Escape from Inbred Mountain" – 8:20


  • Music by Buckethead and DelRey Brewer.
  • Recorded and mixed by Dan Monti.
  • Produced by Dan Monti and Albert.
  • Cover concept by Big D.
  • Artwork by Frankenseuss on location.
  • Slunk wrangler: Jones.

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