Name Gorgone
Artist Gorgone
Type Album
Released 2005
Genre(s) Instrumental, Experimental Rock
Length 39:33
Label(s) TDRS Music
Producer(s) Travis Dickerson
Gorgone album chronology
none Gorgone

Gorgone is a jam project featuring Buckethead, Travis Dickerson and Pinchface. It was recorded during the sessions for Buckethead's album Population Override, but with music not entirely similar to what was featured on that album.

The album features three lengthy jams, recorded without anything previously written whatsoever, all of them improvised in the studio as the tapes were rolling. A few overdubs were added, but morepart of the songs are as they came about in the studio.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Enter Gorgone" – 15:37
  2. "Siege" – 9:11
  3. "Aftermath" – 14:45