Giant Robot
Name Giant Robot
Artist Giant Robot
Type Studio album
Released 1996
Recorded 1991—1996
Giant Robot chronology
Giant Robot
Giant Robot
Siren 19

Giant Robot is the first and only studio album by the band Giant Robot, (not to be confused with the 1991 demo album, or the 1994 studio album by solo artist Buckethead).

The album contains numerous tracks from other Buckethead albums, such as I Love My Parents from the album Bucketheadland, plus Jowls and Scapula that later appeared on the 1999 album Monsters and Robots.

The album uses numerous samples from films in its songs, for instance the track Well, Well, Well contains a clip from "A Clockwork Orange" when protagonist Alex encounters his former friends, the Droogs as police officers.

This holy grail to fans is rare and is no longer being printed. It is legally available to download free at Buckethead Coop, and it appears occasionally in eBay auctions. Consider paying several hundred dollar for a copy in good shape.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "Jowls"   4:23
2. "Giant Robot"   5:58
3. "Hog Bitch Stomp"   1:21
4. "Binge Buddies"   3:27
5. "Sally"   3:45
6. "I Love My Parents"   1:53
7. "Idle Hands"   1:02
8. "Well, Well, Well"   3:50
9. "Scraps"   6:03
10. "Mrs. Beasley"   3:58
11. "Scapula"   4:17
12. "The Void"   4:15
13. "Chicken Boy"   11:26

Artwork Edit


Credits Edit

eBay prices Edit

2008 Edit

  • October 18: 280$ used (ended with "buy it now")
  • September 25: 255$ used
  • July 9: 318.54$ used
  • July 3: 405$ used
  • June 29: 251.99$ used with scratches
  • May 1: 300$ mint (ended with "buy it now")
  • April 29: 50$ heavily used (ended with "buy it now")
  • April 29: 318.54$ used

2007 Edit

  • October 30: 295$ used
  • October 29: 520$ sealed

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