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Electric Tears
Name Electric Tears
Artist Buckethead
Type Album
Released October 8, 2002
Genre(s) Experimental, instrumental rock, ambient
Length 71:03
Label(s) Meta
Producer(s) Buckethead and Janet Rienstra
Professional reviews
*All Music Guide 3.5 stars link
Buckethead album chronology
Bermuda Triangle
Electric Tears
Bucketheadland 2

Electric Tears is Buckethead's 9th full length album. It is considered one of his most calming albums to date, and features Buckethead on acoustic and electric guitars only, no additional instruments are present.

Track listingEdit

  1. "All in the Waiting" – 3:44
  2. "Sketches of Spain (For Miles)" – 4:04
  3. "Padmasana" – 11:39
  4. "Mustang" – 5:38
  5. "The Way to Heaven" – 5:50
  6. "Baptism of Solitude" – 6:10
  7. "Kansas Storm" – 5:33
  8. "Datura" – 5:38
  9. "Mantaray" – 4:11
  10. "Witches on the Heath" – 2:41
  11. "Angel Monster" – 5:07
  12. "Electric Tears" – 5:32
  13. "Spell of the Gypsies" – 5:12


  • Produced by Buckethead, and Janet Rienstra.
  • Written, composed, and arranged by Buckethead.
  • Production assistance by Dom Camardella.
  • Assisted by Adam Camardella at Santa Barbara Sound Design.
  • Mastered by Robert Hadley and Dom Camardella at the Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Art and Design: Russell Mills (shed), Design Assistance: Michael Webster (storm).
  • Meta Support: Bella Rienstra, Concept by Janet Rienstra.
  • Publishing: (Katella Music/BMI).

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