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Electric Sea
Name Electric Sea
Artist Buckethead
Released February 21, 2012
Length 48:05
Buckethead chronology
Look Up There
Electric Sea
Balloon Cement

Electric Sea is the thirty-fith studio album by solo artist Buckethead.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "Electric Sea"   6:26
2. "Beyond the Knowing"   3:54
3. "Swomee Swan"   4:43
4. "Point Doom"   5:15
5. "El Indio"   7:20
6. "La Wally" (Alfredo Catalani) 3:46
7. "La Gavotte" (Johann Sebastian Bach) 2:53
8. "Bachethead" (Johann Sebastian Bach) 2:05
9. "Yokohama"   2:52
10. "Gateless Gate"   1:58
11. "The Homing Beacon"   6:53

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