Name Colma
Artist Buckethead
Type Studio album
Released March 24, 1998
Recorded July 2, 1991—March 24, 1998
Genre(s) Ambient
Length 53:50
Label(s) Cyber Octave
Producer(s) Buckethead, Extrakd, Bill Laswell
Buckethead album chronology
Day of the Robot
Monsters and Robots

Colma is the fourth studio album, by solo artist Buckethead, released on March 24th, 1998, by Cyber Octave records. The album was recorded for Buckethead's mother as she was ill and he wanted to make an album she would enjoy listening to whilst recovering. [1].

The title of the album makes reference to the small town of Colma near San Francisco, California, where "the dead population outnumber the living by thousands to one".

Track listingEdit

# TitleMusicWriter(s) Length
1. "Whitewash"     4:42
2. "For Mom"     5:08
3. "Ghost"     5:26
4. "Hills of Eternity"     5:04
5. "Big Sur Moon"     1:11
6. "Machete"     6:15
7. "Wishing Well"     4:00
8. "Lone Sal Bug"     5:29
9. "Sanctum"     3:39
10. "Wondering"     2:13
11. "Watching the Boats with My Dad"     5:04
12. "Ghost/Part 2"     2:29
13. "Colma"     3:10


  • Buckethead - Guitars and bass
  • Brain - Drums and loops
  • DJ Disk - Scratches on "Machete", "Hills of Eternity" and "Lone Sal Bug"
  • Bill Laswell - Bass on "Machete"
  • Terry Untalan - Cello and Viola on "Wondering" and "Lone Sal Bug"
  • Recorded and mixed by Xtrack at Embalming Plant, Oakland, CA.
  • Track 6 recorded and mixed by Robert Musso at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey.
  • Produced by Buckethead and Xtrack. Track 6 produced by Bill Laswell and Buckethead.

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