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Name Bucketheadland
Artist Buckethead
Type Studio album
Released 1992
July 2, 1993 (Import)
Recorded 1991–1992
Genre(s) Heavy metal, Experimental rock
Length 74:56
Label(s) Avant Records
Producer(s) Bootsy Collins
Professional reviews
*All Music Guide 3 stars
Buckethead album chronology
Bucketheadland Blueprints
Giant Robot

Bucketheadland is the debut studio album by solo artist Buckethead, released on John Zorn's Japanese record label Avant Records in 1992. Featuring many samples of the Japanese TV Show Giant Robot amongst guitar riffs by Buckethead. The concept of the album is a tour around the construction of the fictional "amusement park", "Bucketheadland", because of this, the album has been split into distinct sections of the areas of the park.

A sequel was released in 2003, simply titled Bucketheadland 2.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "Park Theme"   3:21
  • Giant Robot
# TitleWriter(s) Length
2. "Interlude"  Buckethead 0:27
3. "Giant Robot Theme"  Takeo Yamashita 4:16
4. "Enter Guillatine"  Buckethead 0:32
5. "Giant Robot Vs. Guillatine"  Buckethead 4:02
  • Bucketbots Jig
# TitleWriter(s) Length
6. "Bucketbots Jig"  Buckethead 0:28
7. "Enter Slipdisc"  Buckethead 1:53
8. "Bansheebot Vs. Buckethead"  Buckethead 0:58
  • Slaughter Zone
# TitleWriter(s) Length
9. "The Haunted Farm"  Buckethead 2:42
10. "Hook & Pole Gang"  Buckethead 1:07
11. "Cattle Prod"  Buckethead 0:40
12. "Phantom Monk"  Buckethead 1:45
13. "The Rack"  Buckethead 0:29
14. "Nosin'"  Buckethead 1:21
15. "Gorey Head Stump"  Buckethead 1:32
16. "Sterling Scapula"  Buckethead 0:48
17. "Skid's Looking Where"  Buckethead 1:08
18. "Steel Wedge"  Buckethead 1:22
19. "Wonka in Slaughter Zone"  Buckethead 1:30
20. "Nosin' Part 2"  Buckethead 0:40
21. "Diabolical Minds"  Buckethead 1:32
22. "Alice in Slaughterland"  Buckethead 1:16
23. "Bleeding Walls"  Buckethead 0:21
24. "Buddy on a Slab"  Buckethead 1:12
25. "Buddy in the Graveyard"  Buckethead 1:02
26. "Oh Jeez..."  Buckethead 1:21
27. "Funeral Time"  Buckethead 1:39
  • Computer Master
# TitleWriter(s) Length
28. "Computer Master"  Buckethead 8:15
  • Virtual Reality
# TitleWriter(s) Length
29. "Part 1"  Bootsy Collins 2:01
30. "Part 2"  Bootsy Collins 1:34
  • Home Run Derby
# TitleWriter(s) Length
31. "Interlude"  Buckethead 0:33
32. "Main Theme"  Buckethead 4:45
  • I Love My Parents
# TitleWriter(s) Length
33. "I Love My Parents"  Buckethead 1:38

Disc Two (remixes)Edit

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Park Theme Extension"  Buckethead 5:42
2. "Guillatine Battle"  Buckethead 0:52
3. "Giant Robot Theme"  Takeo Yamashita 1:45
4. "Robot Dance"  Buckethead 1:02
5. "Virtual Reality"  Bootsy Collins 3:04
6. "Bansheebot Bop"  Buckethead 1:02
7. "Baseball Buddy"  Buckethead 3:17


All compositions by Buckethead, Katella Music, BMI, except "Virtual Reality" composed by Bootsy Collins, Rubber Band Music, BMI and "Giant Robot Theme" composed by Takeo Yamashita. The term "Oh Jeez..." inspired by Maximum Bob.

Special thanks to Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, John Zorn, Joe Gore, Scott Butcher, Jas Obrecht, Brain, Kristin Yee, Chris Jones, Henry Kaiser, Captain EO, Kazunori Sugiyama, Tomoyo TL, Thi-Linh Le, Pinchface, Maximum Bob, Bernie Worrell, Howie Weinberg, Johnny Sokko, Giant Robot, The Irving Family, Bootsy's mom, Jerry Mano, Azuma Eiichi and many others who will be mentioned later. Especially my Family.

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