This is a commented list of websites related to Buckethead.

Official websites Edit

Bucketheadland Edit

Buckethead's very own home features News, Tour Dates, the official biography and a moderated message board. You can view the website in Flash and HTML versions. The Flash version has the concept of Buckethead's own abusement park for you to try out the rides.

TDRS Music Edit

The place to find new wedges by the master including Buckethead's toy store, some info from behind the scenes and a message board.

Young Buckethead Edit

Jas Obrecht's site for his Buckethead releases.

Legal Bootleg Downloads Edit

Fan sites Edit Edit

Russian fan-site. Edit

Managed by Saul this seems to be the largest fanbase on the net featuring lots of people from all over the world. Mainly a message board it features sections like general talk, album reviews, guitar tabs plus collections of pictures and interviews.

Buckethead-Coop Edit

News, message boards, legal downloads and other growing content. Login required for downloads and message board.

Binge Buddies Edit

European site featuring some rare pictures and stuff.

Turning Groove Edit

Large discography site from Germany that's all about Buckethead and Bill Laswell.

Binge and Grab Edit

Large fan site divided into sections like discography, reviews, guitar tabs and some rather wierd content.

Buckethead Blog Edit

Ranting about all things Buckethead.

Buckethead Online Edit

Fan blog by Julie from New Zealand.

Collaborators and bands Edit