A Real Diamond in the Rough
A Real Diamond in the Rough
Name A Real Diamond in the Rough
Artist Buckethead
Type studio
Released May 1, 2009
Genre(s) Experimental rock
Length 41:07
Label(s) TDRS Music
Producer(s) Dan "Brewer" Monti
Buckethead album chronology
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A Real Diamond in the Rough
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A Real Diamond in the Rough is avant-garde musician Buckethead's 26th solo album, featuring 13 songs that last just over 40 minutes. Through the TDRS label, it was announced on April 27th for a May 1st release. The record was produced by Dan Monti, who was also responsible for drum programming and bass. Bryan "Brain" Mantia plays drums on tracks 2, 4 & 7. The album was created in dedication to Stan Diamond, who was Buckethead's legal representative. The last song, 'The Captain of EO' is another reference to Disney, a 3D film featuring Michael Jackson, whom Buckethead was highly influenced by.

The album is one of Buckethead's more 'calming' records, similar to the 1998 release "Colma" and 2002's "Electric Tears"

Tracklist Edit

# Title Length
1. "Broken Mirror"   4:16
2. "Big D's Touch"   4:11
3. "Separate Sky"   2:58
4. "Dawn Appears"   3:46
5. "A Real Diamond in the Rough"   4:08
6. "Sundial"   1:04
7. "Squid Ink"   3:05
8. "Four Rivers"   2:38
9. "Allowed to Play"   1:55
10. "Formless Present"   3:44
11. "Squid Ink Part 2"   0:56
12. "The Miracle of Surrender"   5:37
13. "The Return of Captain EO"   3:30